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About Us
Aquila is one of Asia’s fastest growing specialist suppliers of skilled personnel to the aviation industry, Located at S.Korea. Founded in November 2000, Aquila has been supplying quality experienced aircraft technician & Avionics from Asia.
Aviation Employment Solutions Service
  Aquila has been supplying quality experienced aircraft Technicians to the aviation industry from Asia. Aquila is a firm that continuously strives to provide the best in temporary or permanent personnel from an extensive networking process, up to date database of qualified candidates, and an excellent service plan for our employees producing the success companies today expect.  
Training Solutions Service
  Aquila helps obtain FAA certification, EASA and CASA AME Certification for experienced aircraft Technician.
Working Visa Solutions Service
  Aquila handles all the working visa processing and paperwork that provides a high level of personalized service to our clients we are extremely proud of our strong record of success in the visa application process